"I'm Dylan Griffin, code name DG11, I work for the MI5." — Dylan Griffin

Agent Dylan Griffin is a fictional character created by British YouTuber, actor, singer, filmmaker and author Lennie "Teagy" Teague in 2016. He is the main protagonist of the Dylan Griffin series of novels.

Griffin is an MI5 agent, code name DG11, residing in Hersham, Surrey but active internationally. Griffin is based on the MI6 agent James Bond created by Ian Fleming.


In the first book, Black Diamond, Dylan's parents (Jonathon and Sarah Griffin) were both killed by members of SOTIA at different times - Jonathon in 1986 and Sarah in 2016. When his father died, Dylan was four years old. When Dylan was old enough to understand, Sarah told him how his father died and he swore to avenge his father. Thirty-three years later his mother died twelve years after Dylan became an agent for the MI5.

Griffin grew up in Hersham, Surrey and attended Rydens Enterprise School and also attended their college. After leaving college in 2002, Dylan moved to a flat in London. He started to train as a spy at the MI5 training headquarters. After two years of training, he became an agent for the Initial branch.

Personal LifeEdit

Griffin lives in a house in Burwood Park, Hersham, Surrey with his girlfriend and fellow agent Lucy Barlow. His housekeeper is an elderly woman called Tulie.


Griffin uses a SIG Pro semi-automatic pistol and carries it in a leather holster. Griffin is an excellent driver. He originally drove a red Jaguar XF but it was destroyed in an explosion so he got a blue Lamborghini Veneno.

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