Agent Robert Jones is a fictional character created by British YouTuber, actor, singer, filmmaker and author Lennie "Teagy" Teague in 2016. He is a secondary protagonist of the Dylan Griffin series of novels.

Jones is an MI5 agent, code name RJ90, residing in Hersham, Surrey but active internationally. Jones used to be the DCI of Hersham Police.


Robert grew up in Hersham, Surrey and attended Rydens Enterprise School. He then attended Brooklands College in Weybridge and trained to be a policeman. After ten years of being a policeman he created the Hersham Police and built a station for it. He became the DCI in 2006 once it was completed. At the end of the first book, Black Diamond, Robert became an MI5 agent for the Initial branch.

Personal LifeEdit

Robert lives in a flat in Hersham, Surrey.


Jones uses a Grand Power K100 and carries it in a leather holster. Jones is a great driver. He drives a red 1983 Audi Quattro like fictional DCI, Gene Hunt.

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